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Hot Wheels To Reissue 5 Original “Fan Favorites”

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Hot Wheels continues to celebrate their 50th anniversary with events and commemorative products.

Hot Wheels kicked off its 50th anniversary a bit early last year at SEMA with the introduction of a full-size 50th Anniversary Edition Hot Wheels in the shape of a 2018 Chevrolet Camaro in Orange Crush paint with Satin Graphite stripes and other unique touches. Now Mattel has revealed slightly more affordable 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Editions, reproductions of five of the "Original Sweet 16" Hot Wheels cars.

Each model is done up in vivid candy metallic "Spectraflame" colors, with throwback redline tires, 50th Anniversary badges on the doors, and they'll come in packaging that recalls the original style. The '67 Camaro is in blue with a back hood stripe and top, the Custom '67 Mustang is candy apple red, the 1968 Cougar is gold with a black top, the '67 Hemi Barracuda green with a black stripe, and the Volkswagen Beetle is purple with black fenders. The 50th Originals go on sale May 18 for $5.49 each, which is quite a bit more than your standard Walmart-bin Hot Wheels, but they are special editions, and a side perk is that one of them will have a code to win that life-size Camaro Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Edition.

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What began in 1968 as a line of 16 die-cast toy cars (with superior wheels and axles) and basic orange tracks, sold separately of course, has become a worldwide phenomenon with video games, TV shows, and even real-life tracks and stunts. It's also a particular favorite of many of us automotive enthusiasts for all the special editions we can get our hands on that we normally wouldn't, so it's no surprise Mattel is pulling out all the stops. In addition to the Hot Wheels Camaro and this 50th Originals collection, Hot Wheels also issued several other 50th Anniversary sets, with lines like Black and Gold, Race Team, Favorites, Throwback and Flames Collections among others.

There is also a Legends Tour that is going around the country with the Hot Wheels Car Fleet on display, plus Kid Play Zones and more. The coolest thing about it is if you have a custom car that you think is worthy of being immortalized as a Hot Wheels casting, Hot Wheels designers will select a car based on authenticity, originality, performance, "Garage Spirit", and even the story behind your build. The tour kicked off at Mattel Hot Wheels headquarters on April 28, but most of the events are yet to come in summer and fall, so look up the tour dates on the Legends Tour site and see when it's hitting a city near you.