Hot Wheels Will Make A Cybertruck Before Tesla Does


Pre-orders are open now.

Over half a million people have put a $100 deposit down for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. But there's no guarantee that the deposits will translate to actual sales. And even if they do, all of these people will be in for a long wait because Cybertruck deliveries aren't slated to begin until late 2021 or early 2022 (and that's if Tesla is on-time).

However, if you just can't wait to experience the all-electric Cybertruck, the folks at Mattel's Hot Wheels division have some good news for you.

Hot Wheels will release two remote-controlled versions of the Cybertruck, one in 1:64 scale (the same size as an average Hot Wheels car) and a limited-edition, hobby-grade 1:10 scale version that is much larger. Since RC cars are much less complex to build than real ones, Hot Wheels will release its Cybertrucks before Tesla does.

Mattel Mattel Mattel

Both versions of Hot Wheels RC cars will be available in December of 2020, meaning this will be the only way to drive a Cybertruck before 2021 (unless you count the Russian knock-offs). Hot Wheels says the models shown in these pictures are design prototypes only and the final production design, colors, and textures may vary.

Each version features a rechargeable battery and the 1:64 car should be able to drive around an orange Hot Wheels with loops for about 20 minutes before needing a recharge. The larger 1:10 car will last about 30 minutes on a charge and features more details than the smaller 1:64 version. These details include working headlights and taillights and a manual tailgate with a loading ramp.

Mattel Mattel Mattel

Both variants include two drive modes, called Sport and Chill, though we assume the 1:10 car will be much quicker. Pricing for the 1:64 is a reasonable $20 while the limited edition 1:10 car costs four times more than an actually Cybertruck deposit at $400. Hot Wheels says the 1:10 car will be built in limited quantities and each one will come with a cracked window sticker to commemorate the botched "unbreaking glass" demonstration during the Cybertruck's reveal.

Mattel Mattel Mattel

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