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Hottest AMG-Badged E-Class Coupes And Convertibles Will Be Hybrids

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And they'll go fast enough to escape the sound of your judging comments.

Funny thing about the tentacles that have sprouted from Mercedes and are trying to reach their hands into each and every market segment cookie jar is the fact that occasionally, they leave a few stones unturned. It certainly doesn't seem like that, especially when looking at the E-Class range. It's already cramped, with a coupe, convertible, wagon, and sedan as well as two full-fledged AMGs, an off-road version of the wagon, and a truly outrageous portal-axle version of that taking refuge under chrome Es adorning trunks.

Where Mercedes might leave a gap, however, is in its E-Class AMG lineup. With Mercedes trying to fill every possible niche segment, it came as a surprise to none that the automaker decided to release a coupe and convertible E-Class, but upon release, there were no fully baked E63 models in the cards. According to Automotive News, it'll probably stay that way, however the two-door E-Class relatives could see a model that sits just below that gets badged as an AMG E53. As a previous report outlined, the 53 badge will be an all-new prospect for AMG. It will make its first appearance in the E-Class-based CLS where Mercedes has chosen to inject its electrical aspirations.

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The AMG CLS53 will go on sale in late 2018 and introduce the a hardcore version of the twin-turbo M256 inline-six engine that will produce around 430 horsepower. To amp things up a bit without blowing the lid off of true performance-oriented kings like the AMG C63 S or AMG E63 S, Mercedes will mount an electric motor and battery combination to its new Modular Rear Architecture where it will likely make close to 70 horsepower, enabling total output to sit around the 500 horse mark. It'll be midway models like these that will pave the way for both the US introduction of the Mercedes 48-volt electrical system and hybrid AMGs in general, with the thesis being capped by an 800 horsepower AMG GT 4.