Hottest Pickup In Africa? Toyota SA Gifts Itself A 449 HP Dakar-Spec Hilux

Celebrating the pickup's success with the addition of a Lexus IS F V8.

If you were responsible for delivering 1,000,000 units of Toyota's workhorse Hilux pickup truck, what gift would you give yourself? It seems that Toyota South Africa has come up with the perfect little monster to answer that question. Having won the past seven titles in South Africa's cross-country series and participated in the Dakar race several time, the Hilux is no stranger to off-road racing. But this time, Toyota threw a Lexus IS F 5.0-liter V8 into the mix, creating a monster that is both capable and very fast. And the result is just as menacing as it sounds.

Check out the hottest Japanese pickup ever to be made in Africa:

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