How a $1 Million Agera R Gets its Color

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Over 200 hours of painting is required for each Agera R that leaves the Koenigsegg factory.

The Drive Channel continues its exclusive behind the scenes look at Swedish supercar builder Koenigsegg as it examines the car's unique paint process. We're all familiar by now with how much attention to detail Koenigsegg gives to each one of its cars: the polishing process alone takes nearly 200 hours of work. All of the carbon fiber pieces are painted in-house so that the company has full quality control over the process, while different types of carbon-fiber are used for various parts of the car.

As Koenigsegg himself explains, buyers have the option to show off these sections of the Agera R's carbon fiber body via a transparent clear coat or a tinted clear coat along with contrasting stripes. Even the clear coat adds weight to the car but Koenigsegg believes it's weight well spent.

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