How a Chinese Car is Marketed in Brazil

Even with a little help from an old Kenny Loggins song, it doesn't help to make the Chinese-built JAC J3 look cool.

Complete with a Kenny Loggins Danger Zone "Top Gun" soundtrack is this new Brazilian commercial for the Chinese-built JAC J3. Now, it’s widely known that Chinese cars don’t exactly have the best reputation for, well, anything. They look cheap inside and out and are cheap to buy. So it should be kind of odd to promote the car maker’s J3 crossover/hatch/whatever the hell it is with a supposed jet engine strapped to its roof. The damn engine even has wings.

Of course this whole thing is one CGI spectacle of cheesy advertising that, in our eyes at least, doesn’t help to make the J3 a worthy purchase in any currency. And the car's supposed test driver is hardly the bad ass Maverick was. More likely in a J3 you'll break your neck like Goose.

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