How A Martini-Striped Porsche Became A Life-Long Obsession

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The Urban Outlaw returns home in the car of his childhood dreams.

When you have an obsession, it's a rare treat to find someone who shares your passion. This writer, for instance, has to admit to a borderline-unhealthy infatuation with Martini Racing stripes. But it seems I'm in good company.

As it turns out, so does Magnus Walker – the British-born rock n' roll Porschephile known as the Urban Outlaw. His love for all things Porsche is a matter of public record by now, and it started early when he saw a 911 Turbo – complete with Martini livery – at the Earls Court Motor Show in London.

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"I found myself entirely hooked, right away. The big rear spoiler... that Porsche looked so fast, even though it wasn't moving," recalls Walker. "It was the car in so many of my dreams as a small child, and suddenly my dream had taken form."

Now 41 years later, he's come full circle, making his childhood dream a reality by buying a Turbo just like the one that sparked his passion when he was a lad. And to drive the point home, he... well, he drove the car home – back to Sheffield in the north of England where he grew up.

As you can see from the video – the latest from the 9:11 magazine series – it was something of a humbling pilgrimage; a homecoming for the Brit who now calls downtown Los Angeles "home." And a far less depressed one at that: he has more than 50 Porsches in his LA loft – many of which you can be sure he's designed and modified himself. And we get the feeling his childhood self – who once wrote to the automaker to ask if he could work for them as a designer – would be pretty stoked about the man he's become.


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