How A Passion For Shooting Cars Turned Into A Dream Job

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Always follow your dreams.

Living in southern California with a passion for cars, David Coyne was naturally drawn to Cars and Coffee events in Irvine. This is where the aspiring photographer, and the latest to be featured in our automotive photographer series, cut his teeth. A few clicks of the shutter button and Facebook shares later, and he was being hired by the car guys, whose beloved rides were being so expertly captured, for personal photo shoots. David has gone from strength to strength, and is now hired by local clients to handle their photography needs.

One of his favorite shoots was of the first Ferrari 458 Speciales in the US, which he took at a local airport in SoCal, with a Delta airliner in the background getting ready for takeoff. You can check out David's work (after viewing a selection of his pictures below) via his website and keep up-to-date with latest shoots via his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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