How An NBA Superstar's Kia Sorrento Made This Single Mom Cry

Is there an MVP award for charity?

Everyone knows Russell Westbrook can ball. Now we alsoknow the Oklahoma City Thunder's star point guard is a good dude after he gave away aKia Sorrento to a young single mother. Note that this wasn’t just any SUV butthe one given to him for winning MVP of the 2015 all-star game. While someballers might have kept the Kia as a memento, Westbrook gave it to 19-year-oldmother of two Kerstin Gonzalez.

If you were chopping onions you might want to stop beforewatching this video, in which the Thunder stud delivers the Sorrento toGonzalez.

In addition to donating the car, Westbrook will also pay allof its associated fees (insurance, registration etc…) for the first year. Thisshould help Gonzalez greatly as the mother of two is just finishing up highschool and will be attending college in the fall. If you didn’t have a stake inthe NBA playoffs you may want to consider rooting for Thunder now.

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