How Bad Is The World's Cheapest Porsche Taycan?

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Here's an in-depth look at the first crash-damaged Taycan.

With the electric vehicle race in full swing, it should come as no surprise that auto manufacturers have been building really fast ones to compete with traditional gas-powered sports cars. Leading the pack is the Tesla Model S, and newcomers Porsche with its fully electric Taycan. Both these cars are beyond fast thanks to their instant torque delivery, but that might prove to be a problem, as the first Taycan accident has already been reported.

Youtuber Rich Benoit saw this as an opportunity to get his hands on the first wrecked Taycan, hoping that his gamble would pay off in the end. Benoit travels to Copart in New Jersey to go view the car and discovered that the damage is, unfortunately, worse than he expected.

The crashed black Porsche Taycan pictured in the video looks quite rough. The most noticeable accident damage is to the front left corner of the car, and most notably to the wheel assembly, but the Youtuber explains that there might be further structural damage to the chassis, and potentially the battery pack itself.

As Benoit walks around the car, he notes differences between the Tesla Model S, and Taycan. "You can see that Porsche went for performance with the Taycan. Its front brakes are ventilated, whereas the Tesla has standard disks". He concedes that the Porsche can't drive itself, but considers it to be "meaner than the Tesla and looks better in every way.

Moving to the interior, the accident damaged Taycan still looks beautiful. "The seating position makes you feel like you're in a spaceship of some sort" Benoit quips. He also comments on the dual touchscreen system which he believes is a tad overkill, and that the air vents can't be manually adjusted to face the driver.

Once he gets underneath the car it is clear that the accident damage in the front is quite serious, but fixable. The radiator bracket is torn off, the front left wheel is cracked, lower control arms need replacing, and both front spindles are done for. He also notes that the car will need a front brake overhaul and numerous small bits and pieces. This Porsche Taycan is going up for bid in the next thirty days and should attract a lot of interest from rebuilders. We can see one rolling around with a Toyota Supra 2JZ engine.

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