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How Cadillac Quietly Changed The Most Luxurious XT6

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Buying a 'Platinum' trim is supposed to mean something, right?

Cadillac has been extremely busy lately. Last January at Detroit, it unveiled its all-new XT6 three-row crossover. In April, the CT5 sedan made its debut appearance and just late last week the new CT4-V and CT5-V were premiered. Earlier this week, GM's luxury brand teased two high-performance variants of those new sedans, both of which will slot above the current V series. Good stuff.

However, it's come to our attention, via XT6Forums.com, that Cadillac has quietly made an option package change that probably won't make the brand's wealthiest buyers happy. For now, this is limited to the XT6 but we wouldn't be surprised to see the change spread to additional models. Okay, so what is this change?? Cadillac is now offering "Platinum" features as an option package that can be selected for any XT6 trim level.

In other words, "Platinum" is no longer the highest trim level. So far, no official press release for this change has been received, but you can see the evidence in the included dealer order guide screenshot. One possible reason for keeping this news quiet for the moment is due to Cadillac already having redefined its "V" variants a few days ago. Remember, the CT4-V and CT5-V will now be considered the mid-range choices. That more powerful V series' official name remains unknown for now.

Here are a few examples of how the XT6 can be ordered with the new Platinum Package. XT6 Sport models can be fitted with the Semi-Aniline leather seating surfaces for all three rows, console and wood trim, microfiber suede headliner, and front and rear premium carpeted floor mats. For those moving up to the XT6 Premium Luxury model, the Platinum Package will tack on real-time damping suspension chassis and a performance suspension.

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But the question still remains: will there be an outright replacement for the Premium model? We've reached out to Cadillac for comment and we'll update you accordingly. For those who previously bought an XT6 Platinum specifically because it was the most luxurious and expensive variant possible, we can see why some might be disappointed. That Platinum package status symbol and its high-end features may no longer feel the same. At the same time, does Cadillac have a new top-of-the-line trim level planned? Stay tuned.