How Can This BMW 135i Keep Up With A McLaren 675LT?

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Further proof that money does not equal skill.

The gulf between the two cars in this video is so wide in every way that you could easily fit the Grand Canyon somewhere in between. That's because the little 135i BMW we see doing the chasing here is cheaper, less powerful, and is not a natural born track car like the McLaren 657 LT in front of it. That's why, in any other circumstance, this McLaren should be out lapping the pants off of the BMW without the driver even having to think about it.

As you can see though, that's not the case. Instead, this 135i gets stuck behind the McLaren in the corners, with even the racing officials flagging the McLaren and telling its driver to let the Bimmer pass, despite falling short in almost every metric.

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The BMW is tuned for the track, but still only makes 300 horsepower compared to the McLaren 675 LT's 666 devilish ponies. The BMW also weighs more, bringing 400 extra pounds to the scale over the McLaren. As the driver of the BMW notes in the video, the McLaren driver was likely exercising healthy caution to avoid their inexperience from becoming the main spectacle. We'd like to think our track experience would differ in a McLaren, but to be fair, at least this driver didn't crash a brand new Bugatti Chiron.

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