How Cool Is This All-Electric Hyundai Rally Car?

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Very, is the answer.

The landscape of the automotive world is changing. Who would have thought that electric vehicles would be as exciting as they are? And who would have thought that SUVs could be fun? Well, the Mustang Mach-E has proven that this can be possible and with the arrival of more such vehicles, the car market is evolving. Now there's an electric rally vehicle created by New Zealand rally champ Hayden Paddon, and it's an all-electric race car based on the Hyundai Kona EV. Although there isn't a competition for it to compete in just yet, this doesn't deter Paddon and his team in the slightest.

Paddon RallySport Paddon RallySport

Paddon is not averse to competing alongside traditional rally cars and wants to bring this thing to regular rallies to see how it fares. "We want to showcase this against current cars, to show electric can be fast, cool, and hold its own," he said. "Motorsport should be any car against any car."

MotorSport New Zealand says that it has accepted that change will come and is supportive of change, and with Paddon claiming that his two-year creation is as powerful as the fastest turbo cars from the legendary Group B era, rallying could be in for a proper shake-up if this Kona gets to compete.

Paddon RallySport Paddon RallySport

So what's the car all about? Well, it has four motors and can run on two, three, or all four through a twin transmission. Despite some heavy batteries, the entire car only weighs around 3,300 pounds. It's claimed to produce 295 horsepower and a stunning 811 lb-ft of torque. But that's just for now, with Paddon claiming that the car is capable of more than 1,070 hp. The final iteration of this should be ready for competitive racing in 2022, but unless New Zealand's governing body of motorsport allows this monster to compete, all the work will be for nothing. If that does happen, we certainly hope that Hyundai gets involved so that we can see more of this special car.

Paddon RallySport Paddon RallySport

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