How Cool Would It Be If Ford Built A Range Of ST and RS Models?


You never know, Ford could do it.

Ford has gone back and forth on the idea of building a hardcore Fiesta RS model. While this model would clearly be epic, it may not fit in a lineup that already features a Fiesta ST, Focus ST, and Focus RS. However, the Fiesta RS does give us a cool idea. What if Ford decided to make a bunch of awesome models to go with the Focus RS? Thanks to some awesome renderings from X-Tomi Design, we can see what these models would look like. Imagine a world filled with extremely fast, high performance Ford models and try not to get too excited.

First, this lineup needs to have a flagship model. The Taurus is extremely long in the tooth, so a hardcore RS model would be a great way to revitalize Ford's biggest sedan. Unlike the smaller ST and RS models, the Taurus could benefit from either a V8 from the Mustang, or perhaps a V6 with twin turbos like the new GT. Either way, packing over 600 horsepower in a Taurus RS would be a great way to make the Hellcat nervous. The Taurus SHO was already a pretty quick car with 365 hp and AWD. Although the Taurus is based on a FWD platform, AWD would give the car massive performance credentials. In the US, Ford has yet to update the Taurus to the newest version in China. Perhaps the much needed update can come with an all new version!

Moving down Ford lineup, the Fusion is ripe for a high-performance model. For 2017, the Fusion lineup gained a 325 horsepower sport version powered by a 2.7-liter twin turbo V6. We don't think it would be a stretch to up the number to around 400 horsepower. The Focus RS packs 350 horsepower from a 2.3-liter four cylinder, so a V6 should easily be able to achieve even better numbers. Toss in AWD and maybe even a manual and you could have a pretty badass sedan. While we're still dreaming, we also think Ford should extend the Focus RS lineup to include a wagon and sedan. And if we really want to loose our minds, a Transit ST!

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