How Crazy Would A Standalone Supercar From Nismo Be?

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A bespoke supercar could be in the works.

Nissan's performance and motorsports division-Nismo-may be saving a standalone supercar for the future. According to an interview between Top Gear and Nissan's chief product specialist Hiorshi Tamura, a bespoke supercar from the performance division is something that could be possible in the future. "Nismo is still a baby brand," stated Tamura. "And the baby needs protection. So not yet. But some day…yes." Just like Mercedes-AMG has created a bespoke supercar, Nismo may be planning on doing the same thing.


At first, this may seem like a confusing proposition since Nismo is in charge of building the incredible Nissan GT-R Nismo that has 600 hp and can sprint to 60 mph in under three seconds. Apparently, there's a chance that Nismo could build something even more insane than the GT-R Nismo on its own without utilizing an existing vehicle from Nissan. "RS, AMG and M have been around for years, so for them, they can diversity," stated Tamura. "Right now, for me, it's important to get new customers; the 'high-life seeker.'" To appeal to new customers, it's safe to assume that a bespoke Nismo supercar would focus on more than just performance.

"The original Nismo customer is only a performance seeker," said Tamura. "There's too much motorsport and performance orientation, which means [some customers] cannot enjoy this very narrow scope." Nismo's program director Bob Laishley believes that a standalone supercar from Nismo is the right direction for the performance division. "I would like to aspire to that," stated Laishley. "Whether we can, or whether that's what the next GT-R should be…it's a question of where we take it." It looks like Nismo may be at a crucial crossroads. Should Nismo continue to produce hardcore versions of Nissans supercars (like the GT-R) or engineer an insane supercar of its own?

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