How Crazy Would Bentley Have To Be To Put This Pickup Into Production?

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The answer is obviously "very crazy/borderline insane."

Now we know the idea of a Bentley pickup truck is sacrilegious, and so does rendering artist Theophilus Chin. Yeah, the luxury automaker is releasing an SUV, the Bentayga, but trucks exist in a whole other world completely. That's why this cheeky rendering has "HELL NO" as its license plate. The Bentley pickup is actually a combination of the Bentayga SUV and the Chevrolet Colorado concept from way back in 2011. This idea comes hot on the heels of Rain Prisk Design's rendering of a Bentley wagon.

We think Bentley would build a wagon or shooting brake before it would touch a pickup. It's tough to imagine a Bentayga with a bed, much less a Bentley designed for trips to Home Depot. Of course this design was just for laughs, but who knows what the future holds. Remember that Mercedes-Benz is working on a light pickup truck, so nothing is impossible.

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