How Did Anyone Survive This Crazy Indy 500 Crash?

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This is one of the most spectacular racing crashes we've ever seen.

Not long after driver Sebastien Bourdais smashed into the wall at terrifying speed at a recent race, another terrifying incident occurred at the Indianapolis 500 – and it's one of the most spectacular crashes we've ever seen at the iconic race event. During lap 53 of the 200-lap race, pole-sitter Scott Dixon's car was sent airborne before violently hitting the retainer wall, sending the car spinning in the air before rolling back onto the track, tearing off the rear chassis in a shower of sparks and debris.

Looking at the wrecked remains of the car, you wouldn't believe anyone could survive such a serious crash. Fortunately for the four-time champion racing driver, the tub of the car remained intact during the impact, which explains how he walked away and received the all clear after medical checks.

A photographer was hit by flying debris and was treated for cuts and bruises. The accident occurred when racing rival Jay Howard lost control of his car in the path of Dixon. A collision was inevitable. With no time to react, Howard's car acted like a ramp as Dixon slammed into it at speed and soared into the air. Watching the carnage, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a Hollywood stunt. Dixon described himself as "a little bit beaten up," in an interview after the crash. "Glad everybody was OK. Definitely a wild ride." LA Times reports that another driver had a narrow escape during the crash. Dixon's car flew over Helio Castroneves' car which drove under him.

"I saw they were flying, I ducked, I closed my eyes," Castroneves said. "When I opened [them], I was in the grass." Despite sustaining a damaged front wing, Castroneves finished the race in second place. The race was stopped for 18 minutes while workers cleared the track and repaired damage done to the safety fencing caused by the crash.

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