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How Did Anyone Survive This Shocking Lamborghini Huracan Crash?

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Amazingly, the driver walked away with only minor bruising.

Another day, another exotic supercar has been reduced to a mangled wreck, presumably because the driver couldn't resist planting their foot on the accelerator. This nasty-looking accident involving a Lamborghini Huracan recently happened in Cairo, Egypt. As you can see from the photos, the impact was so severe that the Huracan was split in half, with debris strewn across the highway.

It isn't clear if any other cars were involved, but it's obvious this ruined Huracan is damaged far beyond repair. Despite the severity of the crash, the driver reportedly walked away from the wreck with only minor bruises, which is a testament to the car's safety. Local reports suggest the driver made a sudden movement with the steering wheel at high speed, causing them to lose control of the 600-horsepower supercar.

Photos taken at the scene show the Huracan split in half just behind the passenger cell, leaving the engine, rear axle, and rear bodywork resting on the road. This isn't the first time a Lamborghini has been decapitated either, as we've seen similar incidents including another Huracan that was ripped in half after colliding with a concrete pole near a shopping mall in North Virginia last year.

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As if the crash wasn't already severe enough, the Huracan appears to have endured multiple impacts as the front of the car is badly damaged and the entire front axle, windshield and one of the doors are missing. Clearly, this Huracan is a total loss. And if the owner is hoping to buy a replacement, Lamborghini Huracans in Egypt are ludicrously expensive, with prices starting at around 1.5 million riyals ($400,000) – that's nearly double the starting price in the US.