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How Did Genesis Make The G70 Move Like A Subaru WRX STI?

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Not bad for a luxury sedan.

Genesis has found a unique way to show off the handling prowess of the new 2019 G70 luxury sedan: by recreating famous Hollywood car stunts that made many of us fall in love with cars and movies. In the first episode of the automaker's "The Art of the Stunt" video series, made in collaboration with Donut Media, we saw the G70 drive through the 22-foot gap underneath a semi-tractor trailer as a homage to the original The Fast and The Furious film. The second episode, on the other hand, recreates a stunt from a more recent Hollywood movie: Baby Driver.

Baby Driver opened with a jaw-dropping car chase, featuring a Subaru WRX STI evading police and some of the best stunt driving in a modern film performed by legendary driver Jeremy Fry. In one standout scene, Fry performs two 180s in a tight alleyway while avoiding a reversing truck. It's a common scenario in movie car chase scenes known as "threading the needle," in which a car slides through a narrow gap between a wall and truck at high speed.

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Several modifications were made to the Genesis G70 to help it drift around the corner for the stunt, such as disabling the traction control, stability control and ABS safety systems, as well as adding a hydraulic handbrake. Once again, Tanner Foust was behind the wheel of the G70 and makes everything look easy.

Timing and distance were crucial, as the G70 was also being pursued by another car as the reversing truck narrows the gap. Luckily, the scene went as planned and the final edit makes the exciting stunt look like a scene out of a Hollywood movie. Next week, the third and final episode will show Foust "maneuvering the G70 through a tight space at high speed" in a scene inspired by Drive. All three stunt scenes will then be combined to create a Hollywood-style chase scene. We can't wait to see the result.