How Did Mercedes Incorporate Maybach Into The AMG Project One?

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Not without difficulty, that's for sure.

If our wildest dreams and most outlandish predictions end up coming true, then the Mercedes-AMG Project One will be a true masterpiece of the automotive world. Like the Apollo moon landings, it'll be a landmark creation that shows any spectating higher beings that we humans really have mastered our physical realm and built a vehicle that encapsulates the luxury and Formula 1 prowess that Mercedes has become known for-all within the bounds of a single car.

The AMG Project One's legend will be sung for generations, but if you'd like to get that tune started early, then this may be of interest. Mercedes-AMG has released a four-minute 47-second glimpse into the wild world of its AMG division and asked chief design officer Gorden Wagener and his team how they came up with the Project One.

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When it came to the Project One's overall shape, the designers pulled off nothing short of a miracle. By incorporating the comfortable elements of a Maybach's design with the ferocity of an AMG body and keeping with the unmistakable styling of the Mercedes brand, these superstars wove a coat of armor that was placed over the chassis-itself a marriage between the AMG Formula 1 division and the EQ division's mastery of the electric world-so that it could snap necks and take no prisoners. Essentially, the AMG Project One is the combined thesis of every product under the Mercedes wing of Daimler. No wonder it costs as much as half of the lineup combined.

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