How Did None Of These Cars Break Down?!

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For drivers at this event,, 1956 to 1978 are the golden years.

This photoset comes from an annual event in Adelaide, Australia, called the "Bay to Birdwood." It includes an all out Concours for classic cars of all kinds and regularly produces a stunning display of vehicles running along the scenic Anzac Highway. The terminal point of of the run is Australia's National Motor Museum. The only cars allowed to hang with the crowd had to have been manufactured between 1956 and 1978. Make sure to check out the gallery section to see tons of photos from this fantastic collection.

All photography credit goes to Reddit user "BlueCrystals" for capturing the best rides of this awesome event. Given that the all of the entrants had to travel this 45 miles distance, we're surprised that there weren't any breakdowns for any of these classic machines. Happily caught up in nostalgia of the era, many of the drivers even showed up in full tie-dye attire. At the end of the annual run, there's a party for everyone to talk up their Plymouth Barracudas, Shelby Cobras, 911s, rally editions, and kit cars. Maybe not all of these classics would be fit for Pebble Beach, but this event surely adds to Australia's already stellar car show scene.

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