How Did The BMW X5 Get Selected As The Best Car To Drive In The City?

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Have automakers made it easier for SUVs to be good city cars?

It's hard to pinpoint exactly why, when given the choice, the majority of people buy an SUV over a standard vehicle even when it will reside within city limits for a vast portion of its life. Come to think of it, there's probably a lot of primal desires that come into the decision making process without us knowing. Our internal nesting instinct likely opts for a larger vehicle because it means more personal space on shared public roads. Or maybe its a biological need for safety out in the jungle.

After all, a massive SUV is not the first car you think of messing with when traffic gets bad and tempers soar, which could make them the best cars for drivers on the defensive. That theory is what Alex Goy postulates when trying to figure out why so many people are buying BMW X5s and other SUVs.

Goy and the Carfection team had one in their fleet for an extended period of time and found out that it makes for the best city car. It's a bit odd since the massive Bimmer seems to be the last car you'd want to park in a crowded area. In our own bouts of testing, we found that the best car to be stuck in traffic with and your dream car are likely two different vehicles (unless your dream car is a Fiat 500e) but to be fair, the array of cameras and the fact that one can just drive slower to navigate tight spaces are good arguments in favor of the X5. Whether or not the X5 makes for the perfect city car is up for debate, but there's no question that it's much easier to enjoy a car like the X5 on the open road.

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