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How Did This 370Z Kill A GT-R?

Proving that the underdog sometimes has more bite than you'd expect.

In the small segment of Nissan sports cars, there doesn't seem to be much competition between the sporty 370Z and the manic, tire-burning GT-R. With the 370Z making anywhere between 332 (base) and 350 (Nismo) horsepower in factory spec, it doesn't really stand a chance when taking on its bigger, stronger, brother, the 545 hp GT-R. But what happens when an unsuspecting GT-R driver decides to take his chances with a 370Z in a short street race on a local highway?

If that 370 happens to be equipped with a twin-turbo 670 whp, results might be somewhat surprising. Check out this video to watch this GT-R's highway destruction:

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