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How Did This Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Get Its Face Smashed?

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There's no clear answer, but there are some clues.

If one of the 3,300 planned Dodge Challenger SRT Demons gets involved in a crash, chances are it'll get picked up by social media in a heartbeat. That's not what happened this time. What you're looking at is an image of a wrecked 2018 Demon that's been making the social media rounds for the past week or so. Question is, what the hell happened to it? Is the driver okay? There's no clear answer, but there are some clues thanks to Allpar and AutoGuide, who did some further digging into the matter.

Allpar was the first to find the photo, which was apparently first posted to Instagram and later Facebook. Someone from the mopar_addicts Instagram account is claiming the crash occurred in La Jolla, California after the driver hit the throttle, lost control, and hit three parked cars. Welcome to not knowing how to handle an 808 hp muscle car. Judging by the sheer amount of damage, that scenario is entirely possible. Still though, it's a bit odd there's no definitive answer out there, given today's extensive use of social media outlets. In any case, the car is clearly in a very bad state and may even be declared totaled; there's almost certainly radiator damage, which is never good.

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So for the few Demon owners out there, here's an important message: Be careful. Not only do you, your possible passenger, and other bystanders only have one life to live, but so does your car. Dodge won't exactly build you a replacement in case your Demon winds up looking like this one.