How Did This Ferrari 812 GTS End Up In A Lake?

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This is not going to be a fun call to the insurance.

Ferrari knows a thing or two about building supercars. After all, it's arguably the first brand that the average Joe thinks of when you mention the supercar niche. One of its most desirable offerings is the Ferrari 812 GTS, which has proven to be a pretty popular car for tuning. Novitec has turned its attention to it, while Mansory has elevated output to 830 horsepower. Ferrari is also working on a more powerful version of the car, but for some, 789 hp and 530 lb-ft of torque are already too much. Meet the world's wettest 812 GTS.

Formula Passion
Formula Passion
2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Side View Ferrari

Formula Passion in Italy has brought to our attention that lakes and Ferraris shouldn't mix. We already knew this, but one owner has proved this by letting his car get away from him. To be fair, it's not the power of the car that resulted in this sad state of events, but rather an absent mind. According to the report, the owner seems to have left the car in neutral on a slight incline without the handbrake applied. That's a fair mistake, but how did this happen in a car with an electronic handbrake? Also, how did the owner end up dry despite being in the lake with the car?

2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Top View Ferrari
2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Rear Angle View Ferrari

It seems that either the driver lost his senses while the car was rolling with him in it, or his exuberant driving may have been the actual cause of the supercar landing in Lake Garda. Either way, something doesn't quite add up. Police were on the scene to supervise the extraction of the car from the lake, and we're sure that they will have questioned him, but at this time, there will be no charges against the man. It's a very thin silver lining on a very dark storm cloud, and we doubt that this $400,000 supercar will be cheap to repair. Maybe he can use the insurance payout to buy an amphibious vehicle instead.

2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Top View Ferrari
2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Front Seats Ferrari
2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Front Angle View Ferrari
Source Credits: Formula Passion

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2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Top View
2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Top View
2020 Ferrari 812 GTS Side View

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