How Did This Guy Survive His Huracan Getting Literally Cut In Half?

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Not being in the car when it caught fire certainly helped.

Judging by these photos, it may seem like there's no way in hell that the driver of this destroyed Lamborghini Huracan survived. But amazingly he did, even after his car was ripped in half by a telephone pole. The crash happened in Chicago, and NBC Chicago has the story. Apparently the Lamborghini was struck going through an intersection, with the crash causing it to strike a telephone pole, which ripped the car in half. Video of the incident shows a crowd of bystanders carrying the driver from the car as it bursts into flames.

It's a damn good thing they acted when they did! You can see the Huracan fully ablaze in this clip.

The driver of the Huracan was rushed to the hospital where his condition is still unknown. What is known is that he may not have survived the crash had he not been removed from the car. Lead photo by Ash-Har Quraishi.

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