How Did This Massive Truck Not Notice The Hatchback Stuck In Its Grille?

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Is this a case of road rage or just an extremely unaware truck driver?

Some people prefer to drive crossovers, SUVs and pickup because the ride height and larger size of these vehicles makes them feel safer on the road. Being bigger and taller doesn't mean you're immune to a crash, but it would probably help you avoid a situation like the one in this video. This clip was recorded on a motorcyclist's helmet camera somewhere in Malaysia. In it a small hatchback is being shoved down the road by a massive truck. The title of the video suggests that this was a case of road rage.

Warning: You will want to mute or lower the volume of your speakers/headphones before watching this video. The incessant screeching is enough to drive anyone insane.

So, is this a case of road rage? We're undecided. The hatchback is incredibly tiny and the driver doesn't appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary with regard to steering a massive truck on what looks to be a narrow, downhill road. The truck has its hazard lights on and is driving slowly and cautiously. It's possible that the trucker thought the people honking were doing so because they wanted to pass. That being said, it's really tough to ignore the screeching of the stuck car and it seems like there would have been a jolt or something when the two vehicles initially made contact. Unfortunately, there are no extra details on this story out. Here's hoping the driver, and any potential passengers, in the hatchback were OK.

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