How Did This Scooter Cop Manage To Pull Over A Lamborghini Reventon?

This cop just wrote the speeding ticket of his life.

It’s tough to decide which is more embarrassing for a Lamborghini Reventon owner. Is it curbing your wheel right before a fancy car show or getting pulled over by a cop on a scooter? The latter is exactly what happens here, so watch this video before choosing a side. Now only 20 Reventon coupes exist and we’re guessing all 20 people who own them like to rev their engines and go fast when traffic clears. Unfortunately not all cops stand for such behavior. Who knew scooter cops had it out for supercar owners?

To us the idea of a cop on a scooter trying to chase down a Lamborghini boasting a big V12 is hilarious. We would love to see that video, but we’ll settle for this one instead.

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