How Do You Feel About Buick Selling A China-Made Crossover In The US?


Better question: Do you even care?

Most gearheads simply skip by any news involving Buick, and with good reason. Your grandpa's car company is struggling to remain relevant in the US and the models that it does sell are pretty damn bland and boring. Now for whatever reason people in China love Buick. They love Buick so much that the automaker is thinking of taking one of its China-only crossovers and exporting it to the United States. Think about that for a second: A US automaker is going to import one of its own models from China.


The model in question is the Envision, a luxury crossover, aka the type of cars Americans love at the moment. This isn't exactly news: We reported late last year that Buick was thinking of bringing the Envision stateside. What is news is that the United Automobile Workers (UAW) GM branch is pissed. Vice president Cindy Estrada said the idea was "especially alarming" and criticized GM for turning its back on US auto workers. "The Envision should be made in the U.S. by the workforce that saved GM in its darkest time," Estrada said. Shots fired! An American automaker making its cars abroad and selling them in the US should frighten the UAW, but could be beneficial for consumers.

Buick saves money making cars in China, and that means it could pass the savings onto the American consumer (we can dream). GM hasn't announced anything so for now this is all sweet, controversial speculation. Revel in the attention, Buick.

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