How Dodge is Allocating Challenger Hellcats to Dealers

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Only the best performing Dodge dealers will have the privilege to sell the 707-hp beast.

You can go straight to your Dodge dealer right now and order a new 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat. 707 horsepower can be all yours. Unfortunately, your local Dodge dealer may not be given the privilege to sell the Challenger Hellcat. Dodge has just announced it's changing its normal allocation method in regards to the Hellcat in order to make sure enthusiasts get their car quickly. Here's how it'll work: Dodge will base Hellcat dealer allocation on the total number of vehicles a dealer has sold within the past 180 days.

It doesn't matter which Dodge models were sold. Everything from the Dart and Durango to the Journey and even the Viper counts. Basically, Dodge is rewarding dealers "that are selling the Dodge brand." Dodge brand head Tim Kuniskis put it this way: "You sell a lot of Darts for me, Journeys for me, Durangos for me, I'm going to give you the rights to this one, too, because this is a halo of the brand." Once initial allocation is completed, Dodge will then measure the Hellcat's days-on-lot and use it as a way to determine the number of Hellcats a dealer will receive. The longer a Hellcat sits on a lot without being sold, the fewer future Hellcats a dealer will get.

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