How Does A Budget-Friendly 280 HP AWD Alfa Romeo Giulia Grab You?

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If the 500 hp Alfa Romeo Giulia is out of your budget, fear not, there's a more affordable 280 hp AWD version available.

With over 500 hp on tap, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is causing a commotion on racetracks. As a result there's a seemingly renewed interest in the brand. Not everyone can afford the halo car though, but would still like to own a slice of that great Italian styling. It's for these Alfisti that the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce has finally been introduced. You get the same (well similar) great looking sedan with more than acceptable performance for less money. Bargain.

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The latest release by Alfa Romeo uses its new turbocharged 2.0-liter MultiAir 4-potter. The all-aluminum setup features direct injection and produces 280 hp with 295 lb-ft of torque. For the tree huggers there's a MultiJet II turbo-diesel option too, this one has more capacity at 2.2-liters and produces a lower 210 hp, but in the usual diesel fashion the torque is way high, up at 347 lb-ft. Either option features a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission that's coupled to Alfa Romeo's new Q4 all-wheel drive system. Making its debut in these models, the AWD system uses a compact and lightweight, Alfa-specific front differential that adds a mere 132 lbs to the overall weight of the car.

Alfa Romeo

This new Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce has some pretty stylish features that let you know it's a step above the entry level offering, yet not quite as special as the halo model. Exterior changes include redesigned, beefier bumpers that give the Alfa a mean scowl, there's a new look rear diffuser, xenon headlights and smooth piano black door trimmings. There are also optional 19-inch alloys in a typically Alfa 5-hole design. In the cabin, the Veloce features sports seats with a matching steering wheel and there's aluminum trim scattered around the place, but tastefully done as is the norm from the Italian manufacturer. Pricing on the various models is yet to be announced.

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