How Does A Porsche Boxster That Looks Like A 918 Spyder Sound?

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For the price of $150K, plus the Boxster.

Hypercars aren't cheap, neither are supercars. In fact, getting into a vehicle that's fun to drive and fast takes a lot of cash. Wicked Motor Works in North Hollywood, CA has come up with a custom kit for enthusiasts with a 2013 to 2015 Porsche Boxster that turns the convertible into a Porsche 918 Spyder lookalike. There's only one problem with the kit-it costs roughly $150K without shipping. For $150K on top of the price of a Boxster, you could get into a 911 GT3, a Mercedes-AMG GT, or an Audi R8.

To make the Boxster look like the 918 Spyder, the company extends the Boxster's chassis to the 918 Spyder's specs and installs body parts, as well as lights that are extremely similar to the hypercar's. In fact, the company states that it has OEM 918 Spyder body parts and lights that cost over $500K, which it has used to create molds out of. The company will also fit the Boxster with a 918 Spyder-styled interior for an additional $35K and complete performance upgrades for an unspecified amount. Only 10 conversions can be built per year and the company claims that eight have already been built. We love the idea of a 918 Spyder look alike, but we have a whole list of supercars and sports cars we'd rather have for $150,000.

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