How Does The AMG GT R Stack Up Against The 911 GT3 RS On The Track?

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Don't you just love when Germany's car companies go to war with each other?

Even though Porsche and Mercedes are two German companies that are competing with one another, both uphold incredibly different values in regards to what each thinks makes a good car. Mercedes has always skewed towards luxury and style while Porsche has been happy with nothing less than a driving feel with a telepathic nature to it and impeccable engineering prowess that shaves lap times down by the millisecond. In terms of company size, Porsche more closely competes with AMG, but the battle is heating up.

That's why the world of auto enthusiasts has been watching the two ever since Porsche started building SUVs and sedans and Mercedes unveiled the 911-fighting AMG GT. The GT R is thus far the hottest AMG GT variant out there and it's being pitted against the segment benchmark that's held its crown for decades, the 911 GT3 RS.

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Even for a company as successful as Mercedes, taking on the GT3 RS was no small feat, but if there's any car that can do the trick, it's the AMG GT R. Carfection's Alex Goy got his hands on one to see just how well it stacks up. Unfortunately there was no Porsche on the track to race it against, so any comparisons are of the subjective nature. Even so, Goy can infer that the AMG GT R is nimble but a bit twitchy around a track, demanding that drivers learn how to use the 577-horsepower track weapon before going balls to the wall with the accelerator. We can't wait until the GT R is put on the same track alongside the reigning champ from Stuttgart.

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