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How Does The New Nissan GT-R Track Edition Stack Up On The Race Track?


All of the suspension and aerodynamic upgrades of the GT-R NISMO without the extra horsepower.

It's already well known that the Nissan GT-R is on its way out. Though the automaker has a reputation for stretching its production runs a bit too far (why is the Frontier still stuck in a past decade?) with the GT-R seeing its 10th birthday this year, it still looks and performs well enough to be relevant. That being said, most buyers who wanted a GT-R have likely already plunked down for one, and Nissan had to do something to move the last few units.

Thankfully it was saving a mid-trim playing card for last, and has just played it by revealing the GT-R Track Edition. Bridging the $65,000 gulf between the standard GT-R and ultra-expensive GT-R NISMO, the GT-R Track Edition is the model many prospective buyers were waiting for.

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While it preserves the same twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine making 565 horsepower versus the GT-R NISMO's 600 ponies, the Track Edition receives most of the other aerodynamic and suspension upgrades seen on its bigger brother. Roadshow hit the race track with the Track Edition in order to see how this parts combination comes together. Reportedly, the difference isn't night and day with the added hardware alone, but what makes the bulk of the difference is the wheel and tire combination. To many buyers, we suspect that the GT-R Track Edition will appeal by using its visual superiority over the standard GT-R without incurring the same $176,585 damage as the NISMO version.