How Does This Guy Not Give Himself A Heart Attack When Dealing With Misfit Mechanics Like These?

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Question is, who will wear the other side out first.

When you're constantly racing against the clock to meet strict deadlines, tensions are going to boil. A fight or three may break out. Remember, clients want their fully restored classic Mopar muscle cars delivered when they were told they'd be. But what's the story behind that group of misfit mechanics who also happen to be some of the best in the business? You'll find them on Graveyard Carz, where in every episode shop owner and Mopar fanatic, Mark Worman, goes head-to-head with Daren and his own son-in-law, Josh.

We don't know how this guy hasn't had a heart attack by now. Anyway, you can catch these guys right now twice a day as Velocity is re-airing episodes from seasons two and three all this week. And don't forget, the all-new season of Graveyard Carz starts on October 15.

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