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How Fast Can The Ferrari 812 Superfast Lap The Nürburgring?

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As you'll see from the video, not that fast.

Of all the automakers vying for top times at the Nürburgring, Ferrari isn't typically among them. Lamborghini, sure. Porsche too. But not Ferrari. The only hot lap that we know of the Prancing Horse marque having officially publicized was the 6:58.16 clocked by the track-spec 599XX, and that was nearly a decade ago. But that hasn't stopped others from taking Maranello's finest around the Green Hell.

Germany's Sport Auto has been known to do just that. It hammered the 812 Superfast around the Nordschleife as part of its latest "supertest" this past summer. But it just released footage of the lap.

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So how did the V12 super-GT fare on one of the most punishing racing circuits ever devised? Not quite as well as you might think.

With its Nürburgring-specialist racing driver turned journalist Christian Gebhardt behind the wheel, the 812 clocked a lap time of 7.27.48. That's nearly six seconds slower than the same publication managed with the 488 GTB in 2016, 45 seconds behind the 911 GT2 RS (as tested by Porsche), and over 47 seconds slower than the Aventador SVJ (tested by Lamborghini) – all of which are less powerful than the so-called Superfast.

Does that mean the 812 is actually that much slower than any of those supercars? Not quite. There's any number of factors that could have slowed it down, including environment, tires, and the skill of the driver handling the wheel.

For what it's worth, Maranello's latest two-seat, front-engined V12 model lapped the factory's own Fiorano test track in 1:21.5 – the same as the 488 Pista, and nearly a second quicker than the Enzo (which Evo lapped nearly two seconds faster at the 'Ring over a decade ago). So clearly not all things are equal here, but it still doesn't look particularly good for Ferrari.