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How Fast Did BMW's Ugly X6 M Lap The Nurburgring?!

It's quick for an almost three-ton crossover.

To say that theBMW X6 M is a pretty vehicle is a lie. To say that the crossover isblisteringly fast would, however, not be a lie. In fact, the new X6 M is sofast that it reportedly posted a time of 8:20 on the Nurburgring. According to, BimmerToday, whichsites AutoZeitung, the hefty X6 M managed to lap the Green Hell in a blistering time. With theNurburgring banning vehicles from setting fast laps, we may never know if the behemoth could go faster.

How good is thecrossover’s time of 8:20? Well, to put it into context, the E46 M3 lapped thering a full two seconds slower than the X6 M. The X6 M is also relatively closeto the fastest SUV to lap the Nurburgring—the Range Rover Sport SVR—that posteda time of 8:14. While the X6 M isfar from pretty, there’s no denying the crossover’s ability to put all of its567 horsepower down in a sporty manner.

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