How Fast Is A Race Car Compared To Its Stock Counterpart?

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Two very different sports car face off.

This may seem like an unfair comparison, but it's something that enthusiasts wonder all the time. We love watching race cars sprint around a track, but what would it be like if a stock sports car went up against a race-spec version on the same track? Auto Express got a hold of a Toyota GT 86 (Scion FR-S) and put it up against Fensport's GT86R. While the stock GT 86 is a lot of fun to drive, it's anemic engine still hasn't been fitted with a turbocharger, which the GT86R does have for a whopping total of 500 hp.

We all know that the GT86R will whip the stock sports car around the track, but seeing the final result makes us wish for a hardcore model.

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