How Fast Is The LaFerrari? Here's Your Answer

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Prepare to activate Launch Mode.

Ferrari has long been known to be somewhat secretive about its cars. More specifically, it doesn't like head-to-head comparisons with the competition. This really isn't anything new, but we've been anxious to see how the LaFerrari compares to its two biggest rivals, the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spider. Although Ferrari didn't allow for a three-way comparison, it did invite Motor Trend to its official test track, Fiorano, in Italy for some time behind the wheel.

But get this: Ferrari allowed MT to hook a laptop up to the car while performing a number of speed tests, such as 0-60 mph and the quarter mile. And which is the fastest of these three in a straight-line? The guys at MT are here to give us the long-awaited-for answers.

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