How Ferrari Built A Better Grand Tourer Than Aston Martin

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Vanquish be damned, the GTC4Lusso is what you want on a cross country road trip.

Ferrari is a manufacturer of dreams, so that means that it rarely does compromise. It's already held its arms crossed over its shoulders shaking its head like a bouncer who's spotted a fake ID when asked if an SUV was in the cards. So why on Earth did it go ahead with the GTC4Lusso, a car that would seem sacrilegious on initial impression? That much remains unclear, but there's few would hesitate to fling themselves into the driver's seat if given the chance, and that's just what Ferrari offered to Motor Trend's Jason Cammisa.

Most of what you need to know about the GTC4Lusso can be found by looking at images of it on Ferrari's website. There, you'll find pictures of the GTC4Lusso trekking through the snow. Curious as it may be, Ferrari's ski lodge transportation abilities are provided by a unique track-capable all-wheel drive system that reserves the room for cargo and three companions.

It's the most livable Ferrari for the same reason, and because it bears a Prancing Horse on its badge, it's available with a naturally aspirated V12 engine if the turbocharged V8 isn't to taste. Oh yes life is good. But wait a minute, that noise and 8,000 plus RPM redline don't exactly tell us an accurate story because a 4,250 pound curb weight kind of does away with the whole notion of the four-seat sports car. So should the glass roof and insulating double pane windows for that matter, because despite the hardware under the hood, this Ferrari is more of a grand tourer, appropriate given that it actually has luggage space. How does it do in that pursuit? Click play already and find out.

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