How Good Is The M2 If It Barely Beats The Macan Turbo On The Track?


It's not that the BMW is that bad. It's that the Porsche is that good.

Races don't always need to match two equals. In fact, it's sometimes more fun when you have two cars that are in different segments go head to head. Last time we saw someone do this with the BMW M2 it was facing off against the Ford Mustang GT in a drag race. The M2 won that, by the way. Now Auto Express is putting BMW's latest M car against the Porsche Macan Turbo. We won't even bother with the "on paper these two are" thing because this race just doesn't make sense.

Well, it doesn't make sense on paper, but out on the track these two cars are surprisingly an even match. It's no spoiler for us to say the M2 wins, but you'll be shocked by how close the Macan Turbo keeps it.

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