How Hard Is It To Get Ferrari To Build You Your Own One-Off Model?

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Is it as easy as showing up to Maranello with a big check?

Ferrari has a knack for rewarding its most valued customers with special one-off models that are uniquely tailored to its customer's tastes. Ferrari's latest one-off, the 458 MM Speciale, shows just how awesome these custom creations can be. But how easy is it to commission Ferrari to build you your own custom model? Could you go to Ferrari headquarters with a $5 million check and walk out with a car? In an interview with Autocar, Ferrari's commercial director Enrico Galliera opens up about this very secretive program and how to be a part of it.


Gaining entry into Ferrari's One-Off program is not easy, and Ferrari does not promote it. In order to be selected, the automaker gauges prospective clients at events like the Festival of Speed. Galliera says that he likes "to pick those who live and breathe Ferrari and appreciate how special a one-off car is." If you are selected, you better be prepared to devote some of your time to creating the car. A one-off Ferrari can take 18 to 24 months and "if you change your mind several times, then it takes longer than expected. It also depends on how different the car is and how specific you are with your requests."

Ferrari will let you base your car on models it already makes. That means you can choose between a front or mid-engined V8 or V12. Ferrari will drastically change features such as aerodynamics, but the engine and transmission must remain the same. No matter what the customer asks for, it must be consistent with the Ferrari brand. If the customer wants pink, or a hardcore racing version of the California T, the answer will be no. Galliera explains that, "This is first and foremost a Ferrari, which means that the performance cannot be compromised by the design." After factoring in all this, you should still be prepared for a very long wait.

Galliera says that one-offs are sold out until 2021."It has to remain something extremely limited. So even though we have a long list of clients, we are trying to cap it." If you're one of the few individuals who gets Ferrari to make you a one-off, you will certainly need to have some deep pockets. Galliera says that the price will depend on which chassis you choose, but you should be ready to spend over $3 million. You also better be prepared to drive it, because Ferrari looks for people who won't just stash the car away in a collection. Although, like most Ferrari cars, these amazing one-offs will probably be kept under a tarp and only shown off at snazzy car shows where they won't be driven. What a sad thought.


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