How In The World Did This Stunt Driver Manage To Pull This Off?


There's a new Guinness World Record.

There seems to be an endless supply of Guinness World Records to break, including the "tightest 360-degree spin." Stunt driver Alastair Moffat, who set the record for the "tightest reverse parallel park" in a Mini Cooper and "tightest parallel park" in a Fiat 500, attempted to break the current record for "tightest 360-degree spin." The incredible driver attempted to break the record in a Subaru BRZ, which isn't nearly as small as the other vehicles he used. The record-setting BRZ was completely stock, but had ABS and traction control disengaged.

Moffat bumped a perimeter vehicle in a recorder rehearsal, but managed to break the record when it mattered the most.

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