How Insane Do You Have To Be To Race An Ariel And A Bike Off-Road?

Forget your anti-psychotic meds and bring spare underwear.

The Ariel Atom is a track toy for the type of people who fight bears for fun or for those who want a new and entertaining way to shave their heads bald using wind resistance. For those who want to take that level of fun onto unpaved roads, Ariel has taken its Atom and modified it for dirt spewing launches and endorphin-releasing power slides over any terrain. With 235 hp moving through the rear wheels, the 1,477-pound Ariel Nomad seems like a formidable opponent in any off-road race.

So what happens when you pit a two-wheeled dirt-eating Suzuki ridden by Irish Motocross lunatic Graeme Irwin against the Nomad? Skip to the 6:23 mark to find out.

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