How Is Porsche So Good At Building Different Cars Out Of A Single Body?

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It's almost as if Porsche engineers use the 911 as a way to get us to pay attention to the details.

Do you even Porsche? Because if you do, the Porsche 964 is no mystery to you. The medley of numbers is just Porsche's internal code for 911 models built between 1989 and 1994, which came in a variety of flavors. For the sake of this comparison, you only need to know about the C2, C4, and RS models. The former two are short for Carrera 2, the rear-wheel drive model and Carrera 4, which sent power to all four corners. And then there's the RS version, which was available in rear-wheel drive spec only and had unnecessary parts gutted to save weight.

Power was up to 260 horsepower over the 247 horse C2 and C4 models. As you might expect out of any interesting race, there's some funny business going on with some of the cars in this comparison.

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To keep things on an even keel, the C2 and C4 in this video have been modified to get them as close as possible to RS spec while the yellow RS remains stock, if anything for the purpose of benchmarking the other two. The results are not surprising, but to reach them, we must first tread through a wall of metallic flat-six engine roar. No complaints on our end. These days, the horsepower ratings of these three cars are less than impressive, so it would be easy to inject huge sums of power into each of the two modified cars and let them cream the RS, but this is a gentleman's race for purists that enjoy the finer things in a Porsche. As such, the tweaks are delicate, deliberate, and as we learn here, effective.

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