How ISIS Acquired All Of Those Toyota Trucks Won't Surprise You


Hey, even terrorists are looking for bargains.

Last week an ABC News report came out wondering how the hell ISIS managed to get its hands on so many Toyota pickup trucks and SUVs. The United States Treasury Department wondered the same and asked Toyota for an explanation. Toyota didn't have a clue other than it wasn't them. The Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser are two of the most durable and reliable off-roaders on the market, so it's no wonder ISIS wants them for its terror conquest through the Middle East.

So how did ISIS get its hands on those vehicles? According to the Centre for Research on Globalization, the blame is awarded to the US and Britain. Turns out that just last year the US State Department sent "non-lethal aid" to the moderate Free Syrian Army in its quest to fight ISIS. The British government also did the same a year or so prior. What was at the top of the rebels' wish list? You guessed it: Toyota trucks and SUVs. Thing is, those rebel groups weren't much of a match against ISIS on the battlefield; those vehicles quickly became ISIS booty. It's also totally probable that ISIS bought some of the vehicles via the black market. If this report proves accurate, then perhaps Toyota should be asking the US and Britain for answers instead.

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