How Ksegg Puts 1140hp to the Floor

The final episode of “Inside Koenigsegg” focuses on how the innovative transmission harnesses the awesome power of the Agera R.

This is the ninth, and final, installment of Drive’s "InsideKoenigsegg" series, in which host, and companyfounder, Christian Con Koenigsegg examines how the world’s lightest hypercargearbox harnesses the Agera R'S 1,140 hp. As with all areas of the Swedishsupercar, the transmission was built in-house including its custom electronicdifferential. The transmission was developed to make the hypercar easierto handle, give it higher cornering speeds, and put more power down when exiting corners.

In short, it has a huge bearing on the behavior of the car. By innovatively combining a dry and wet clutch, Koenigsegg has created a system that’s far lighter, smaller, and simplified than a complex dual clutch system. This is AMT technology pushed to the limit with shifts as fast as a dog ring box.

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