How Lexus Designers Came Up With the Wacky LF-NX

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We don't think any illegal drugs were involved.

You've seen the new styling direction Lexus is going with lately, and it's very controversial to say the least. That front spindle grille somewhat resembles Darth Vader's helmet and swoosh-like styling is evident throughout the cars. But perhaps there's no better example of this daring styling than the automaker's latest concept, the LF-NX crossover. Lexus executives like to brag how designers were given free reign to explore their creative side with this car, but perhaps, and we don't think we're alone here, they went a bit too far.

Don't get us wrong, we're thrilled that Lexus doesn't want to be seen as a conservatively-styled overpriced Toyota brand anymore. However, it shouldn't go too far with the whacked out styling and end up alienating the all-important youth demographic. Only time will tell if Lexus's styling gamble will pay off.

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