How Long Could You Live In A Cadillac Escalade For?

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It's way more comfortable than you think.

What do you do when you get given a shiny, red Cadillac Escalade to mess around in San Francisco with for a few days? Live in it, of course! It's no exaggeration to say that it beats working from your wardrobe, a grim former reality of a CarBuzz writer trying to survive the extortionate living costs of The Golden City. The gaudy SUV's 13 mpg fuel economy we experienced also makes road trips and offroad tests an expensive, albeit highly entertaining, proposition.

And given that the $95,000 Platinum Edition comes with plenty of tasty interior treats and enough room for a fat family of five to vegetate comfortably in, why not convert it into a studio apartment on the move?

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Hooking up a flat screen TV didn't go quite to plan, but the WiFi hotspot helped with the office space setup, and the rear seat entertainment and captain's chairs combined nicely when it was time to chill. Did we actually spend the night in the Escalade? You'll have to watch the video to find out, but trust us when we say it was a whole lot more comfortable than some of the AirBnBs we've had to endure.

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