How Long Will BMW Continue To Sell Diesels In The US?


Will Americans get to keep their diesels?

2016 was a tough year for diesel engines. Prior to Dieselgate, BMW was actually planning on bringing more diesel models to the US, but since the scandal, Volkswagen has considered not selling them in the US, while the government has started getting much stricter with automakers. The US may never get BMW's amazing quad-turbo diesel engine, but at least the company continues to sell some diesel models in the states. Speaking to Car and Driver, BMW explained how it sees the future of diesel in the US.


Fritz Steinparzer, BMW's global head of diesel-engine development said that there will be less small cars with diesel engines, "But in the bigger, heavier cars, from the customer point of view, diesels are still a very robust solution." For the US, he said that "For passenger cars, if there is enough customer demand we will offer it because technically, the solution to meet regulatory demands, we have it." This is good news for US consumers who want a diesel BMW. It basically means that like with the manual transmission, BMW will keep making diesels as long as there is still a demand. 50 percent of car sales in Europe are diesels, but it is estimated that by 2030, just 9 percent of new car sales will have oil-burning engines.

Even though the EPA ran many extra tests after Dieselgate, Steinparzer says that "They never had a problem with our cars here [in the US]," emphasizing that he actually prefers the US test which is more representative of real world driving. For the foreseeable future then, you will still be able to buy a diesel BMW in the US.


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